April 3, 1998


        I wonder if the FDIC is aware of the spectacle it has made of itself. The Boston legal community privately acknowledges the validity of the Sweeney charges of fraud by lawyer Hanify with the complicity of Judge Edward Harrington. Everyone shakes their heads at the bogus eviction machinery created by the FDIC and the federal court to remove the Sweeneys. Sealed secret orders, criminal contempt - to effect eviction - no lawyer has ever seen it in America. But no one is surprised by this display of power because the law firms cower, fearful of losing lucrative FDIC business. Most firms are conflicted out, unavailable as counsel for the Sweeneys and other helpless victims of bank fraud.
        The federal appeals court spoke so eloquently of the due process protection afforded the Sweeneys in federal court as opposed to summary eviction in the state housing court.
        On March 5, the Sweeneys requested access to their personal effects "stored free for 30 days by the FDIC." It is now April with no cooperation from Joe Shea, the same FDIC minion who filed for substitution in the Sweeney case (2) years after Judge Harrington had issued his decision. Would the procedures of the Massachusetts Housing Court have left such a mess? Blocked access to the Sweeneys personal property, much of which was badly damaged in moving?
        As W. B. Yeats observed, "The best lack all conviction and the worst are full of passionate intensity." In January of 1995, when Rhetta Sweeney testified before former Senator Cohen's Senate Oversight Committee, exposing the agency abuse, Cohen depicted the RTC/FDIC crew as "jack-booted thugs" - it appears that nothing has changed. Now that the IRS is being brought to heal, it is time that the spotlight shift to the FDIC.