May 8, 1998


        What will it take for a government agency to eat one of its own? Perhaps the IRS can instruct us about government abuse of power and the miserable failure of the Treasury Department to provide oversight.
        In the Sweeney matter the spotlight shines brightly on the Kennedy connection and its protections. No one will touch the son of the lawyer who got Ted Kennedy off at Chappaquiddick, despite his act of removing original state court records from the Middlesex Superior Court without the authority of a writ. The handmaidens of the FDIC include a Federal District Court judge, the Federal Appeals Court judges, the US Marshals' service, and now the US Attorney's Office – all to deflect attention from KNOWN FRAUD.
        How else can you explain the strenuous efforts of the US Attorney's Office to deprive John Sweeney of a jury trial? The FDIC is scared to allow a panel of citizens to hear the truth of the Sweeney matter. I would think the FDIC would be weary of covering up for the known fraud of the still operating ComFed Mortgage Company and the defunct ComFed Savings Bank of Lowell, Massachusetts.
        Will Judge Keeton let justice be served? Can we force the government to eat one of its own? I hope so.