February 26, 1999
John and Rhetta Sweeney
Box 2191
Hamilton, MA 01982

        The Sweeney situation is a perfect example of the IRS working with other Federal Agencies (FDIC) to bring retribution against individuals and small businesses.

        Late December 1998, John and Rhetta Sweeney were notified by the Internal Revenue Service that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation had informed the IRS that debt of the Sweeney ComFed Savings Bank Commercial Loan of 1987 had been canceled on August 27, 1996.

        The IRS notified the Sweeneys in December of 1998 that because they had the benefit of the debt cancellation it was regarded as taxable income and the following taxes were now owed in the amount of:

        Taxes owed:         $304,084.00
        Penalty:                    60,817.00
        Interest owed
        (4-15-97 to 12-03-98) 55,012.00

        Total Taxes Due:  $419,913.00

        Consider the case of John and Rhetta Sweeney.

        In December, 1998 John and Rhetta Sweeney were notified by the Internal Revenue Service that a Small Business loan taken out with the failed ComFed Savings Bank in August 27, 1987 had been written off by the FDIC in August of 1996. This is the first notice that the Sweeneys had regarding the "cancellation" of this debt and/or IRS taxes owed.

        Since the write off of the loan in August of 1996 the FDIC has continued the following abuse against the Sweeneys:

  1. Brought an eviction/possession law suit against the Sweeneys' home; properties; Small Business in September, 1996
  2. Requested U. S. Marshals to take possession of the property in May of 1997.
  3. Refused to Mediate and Settle the dispute from June to December of 1997.
  4. Requested the U. S. Marshals and other federal law enforcement to do surveillance on the Sweeneys and their property January - February, 1998.
  5. Requested the U. S. Marshals and other law enforcement to raid the Sweeney property February 27, 1998.
  6. The U. S. Marshals SEIZED the Sweeney 776 Bay Road property, Hamilton, MA February 27, 1998.
  7. The U. S. Marshals SEIZED the Sweeney home at 24 Meyer Lane, Hamilton, MA on February 28, 1998.
  8. The U. S. Marshals kicked their way into the Sweeney home without any warrant.
  9. The U. S. Marshals removed John Sweeney, who was home alone, against his will and took him to the local police station.
  10. The U. S. Marshals arrested John Sweeney at the local police station.
  11. The U. S. Marshals took John Sweeney to jail.
  12. On Sunday, March 1, 1998 the FDIC hired two eighteen wheel moving trucks. Twenty eight (28) men worked for two (2) days removing all of the Sweeneys' personal property. The Moving company is owned by the Angiulo family, the well known Boston Mafia.
  13. The U. S. Attorney charged John Sweeney with criminal contempt of court for failure to obey court orders on Monday, March 2, 1998.
  14. No orders had been served on John Sweeney.
  15. The U. S. Attorney brought an Indictment against John Sweeney in March, 1998.
  16. The FDIC stated to the press, the Sweeneys still owe the note, plus interest, and they are looking into the Sweeney Small Business Project, March of 1998
  17. The FDIC sold the Sweeneys' home and properties June, 1998.
  18. The FDIC destroys the Sweeneys' Small Business Project by the sale of the property at 776 Bay Road and 24 Meyer Lane.
  19. The Sweeneys have been informed that on September 1, 1998 the Mafia sold their personal property for $500.00. The seized personal Sweeney property included antique furniture, children portraits, family memorabilia, rugs, quilts, hand crocheted lace canopies, tapestries, original oil paintings, china, silver, clothing and other life time treasured items.
  20. The Assistant U. S. Attorney Sawyer states in a letter dated September 8, 1998, that it was the government's position that the property was "of no relevance whatsoever to the pending criminal contempt case." Note: Approximately One hundred and fifty (150) legal boxes of evidence and Congressional Testimony had been removed from the property.
  21. As of February 1999, the Sweeneys have been unable to get the Boston Mafia to release their personal property.
  22. The U. S. Attorney and the U. S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts has scheduled the criminal trial against John Sweeney for March, 1999.


Please consider the following documents in support of the above stated facts which prove on their face that the FDIC is acting with the IRS to continue persecution against John and Rhetta Sweeney.

IRS Notice of Taxes owed

        Sweeney web site
        Note: $4Million State Court Judgment

also; go to Sweeney Mediation Summary

U.S. Senate Government Oversight Hearing Transcript
U.S. Senate Banking Hearing Transcript
U.S. House Small Business Hearing Transcript

Articles: Boston Globe; Hamilton-Wenham Chronicle

Quotes from Members of the U. S. Congress stating their findings from Congressional hearings that we suffered violations of fraud committed by the failed S&L ComFed. Senators stated the Sweeneys have been victims twice, first by the bank ComFed and secondly by the FDIC.
The documents are clear on their face that FDIC Acting Chairman Andrew Hove is working with the IRS to continue to persecute us, when he has known:

The FDIC notified the IRS in August of 1996 of the Sweeney cancellation of debt.
No notice was given to the Sweeneys

The FDIC did not hold the Sweeney note in August, 1996.

The FDIC owes the Sweeneys a valid $ 4 Million Dollar Judgment

The Federal Court never has had Jurisdiction of our case.

The FDIC is in "Contempt of Congress" by failing to disclose the "cancellation of debt" as stated by the IRS when the FDIC appeared before the U. S. House Small Business Committee, September, 1996

The FDIC did not disclose the "cancellation of debt" to Mediator, Judge Mazzone in August of 1997.

The FDIC knowingly have used orders gained by committing fraud upon the court.

The FDIC has abused their power by falsely relying upon
the Department of Justice to threaten John Sweeneys' freedom; falsely relying upon the IRS to continue the persecution against the Sweeneys; falsely relying upon the U. S. Marshals to fraudulently seize of our home, property, and personal possessions.

        In summary, The FDIC is relying upon the Department of Justice to take John Sweeneys freedom; the Sweeney $4 Million dollar judgment has not been paid; the Sweeney home and property is gone; the Sweeney personal possessions are still being held by the Boston Mafia; and the Sweeney Small Business successful real estate project has been destroyed.

        Can anyone believe that the Sweeneys have somehow benefited from the FDIC reporting to the IRS that the write off of $810,999.00 has resulted in IRS taxes owed by the Sweeneys in the amount of $419,913.00? END.