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Date:   February 6, 1998

TO:   U. S. House Banking Committee
Representatives: Leach; McCollum; Roukema; Bereuter; Baker; Lazio; Bachus; Castle; King; Campbell; Royce; Lucas; Metcalf; Ney; Ehrlich; Barr; Fox; Kelly; Paul; Weldon; Ryun; Cook; Snowbarger; Riley; Hill; Sessions; LaTourette; Manzullo; Foley; Jones; Redmond; Gonzalez; LaFalce; Vento; Schumer; Frank; Kanjorski; Kennedy; Flake; Waters; Maloney; Gutierrez; Roybal-Allard; Barrett; Velazquez; Watt; Hinchey; Ackerman; Bentsen; Jackson; McKinney; Kilpatrick; Maloney; Hooley; Carson; Torres; Weygand; Sherman

From:   John and Rhetta Sweeney

SUBJECT:        FEBRUARY 24, 1998

        Please have this Memorandum serve as a request to invite Rhetta B. Sweeney and a panel of experts to testify before your committee at the scheduled hearings with Federal Reserve Chairman, Greenspan, on February 24, 1998. The reason for this request is to provide your committee with valuable information relevant to the pain and suffering individuals, small business owners, and the American taxpayers have experienced because of the failed economic policies of the Federal Reserve and the U. S. Federal Banking Agencies.

        In support of this request, we refer you to previous hearings in which Rhetta B. Sweeney has participated, providing evidence of failed policies by the federal banking agencies, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the Resolution Trust Corporation. Senator Cohen, as Chairman of the U. S. Senate Oversight Committee, and Chairman Torkildsen, of the U. S. House Small Business Committee, addressed those failed policies by introducing corrective legislation which as not yet become law. GO TO: (click on U. S. House and U. S. Senate)

        We now have in our possession further new evidence relevant to the policies of the Federal Reserve, and the practices of the FDIC and the RTC, which is indicative of their flawed economic policy. It is important in the interest of individuals, small business owners, all banking consumers, and the U. S. taxpayers that the corrective legislation be addressed by your committee in order to stop the ongoing banking abuse.

        The Federal Reserve has come before your committee requesting further U. S. tax dollars be provided to pay for the mistakes of International Investment Bankers. Chairman Greenspan recently stated to your committee that he believes the soundness of the U. S. Regulatory Banking policies should serve as an International role model for a sound economic policy. This position by the Federal Reserve mandates that it is imperative your committee investigate the reprecussions suffered by individuals and small business owners whom had done nothing wrong, and have suffered devastating loss because of the flawed economic policies of the Federal Reserve, and the U. S. Federal Banking Agencies. Upon the failure of the federally insured banks, the federal agencies allegedly engaged in obstruction by covering up known bank fraud schemes. As a result all Americans have suffered loss.

        We seek to provide you and the American people with the documentation of this scheme of bank fraud at the U. S. House Banking Committee hearings on February 24, 1998.

        Thank you for your consideration.

        Respectfully submitted,

        John and Rhetta Sweeney
under siege in
        Hamilton, Massachusetts
        because of the wrong doing by
        the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
        and the Resolution Trust Corporation