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February 12, 1998

Representative Jim Leach
    U.S. House of Representatives
Chairman, U. S. House Banking Committee
2186 Rayburn House Building
Washington, DC 20515

        February 24, 1998
Dear Chairman Leach:

        Please have this letter serve as a request for immediate action by you to assist in a very dangerous situation caused by the FDIC against the Sweeney family, their home and property. See attached Press Release.

      1. Please notify (today) FDIC Chairman, Andrew Hove stating that you are aware of the dispute between the Sweeneys and the FDIC. Because of the substantial evidence before you, you believe that U. S. House Banking hearings will be necessary to investigate the alleged wrong doing by the FDIC against the Sweeneys. Therefore, please request that Chairman Hove stay all further action against the Sweeneys until there has been a Congressional determination made by the U. S. House Banking Committee in the Sweeney matter.

      2. In addition, please have this letter serve as a second request to testify before your committee on February 24, 1998 at the scheduled hearings with Federal Reserve Chairman, Greenspan.

        The reason for this request is to provide your committee with valuable information relevant to the pain and suffering individuals, small business owners, and the American taxpayers have had to bear because of the failed economic policies of the Federal Reserve and the U. S. Federal Banking Agencies.

        In support of this request, we refer you to previous hearings in which Rhetta B. Sweeney has participated, providing evidence of failed policies by the federal banking agencies, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the Resolution Trust Corporation. Senator Cohen, as Chairman of the U. S. Senate Oversight Committee, and Chairman Torkildsen, as Chairman of U. S. House Small Business Committee addressed those failed policies by introducing corrective legislation which has not yet become law. Please see our web page at: (click on U. S. House and U. S. Senate).

        We now have in our possession further new evidence relevant to the policies of the Federal Reserve, and the practices of the FDIC and the RTC, which is indicative of specific issues of their flawed economic policy. It is crucial to the safety of individuals, small business owners, all banking consumers, and the U. S. taxpayers that the corrective legislation be addressed by your committee in order to stop the ongoing abuse.

        There was, in the very least, negligence by the federal banking agencies which resulted in the S&L debacle. Upon the failure of the federally insured banks, the federal agencies allegedly engaged in obstruction by covering up known fraud schemes. As a result all Americans have suffered loss.

        We seek to provide you and the American people with the documentation of this scheme of fraud at the U. S. House Banking Committee hearings on February 24, 1998.

        Lastly, the FDIC is currently using the U. S. Marshal service to gain our silence. We urge you in the strongest possible terms to take immediate action to stop it today. See attached our documentation of the FDIC illegal actions which was provided to Attorney General Reno and U. S. Marshal Nancy McGillivray on February 10, 1998. Please check this information at (See under Flash - Click on Janet Reno and U. S. Marshals)

        Thank you for your consideration.

            Very truly yours,

            Rhetta B. Sweeney

cc:        FDIC Chairman, Andrew C. Hove, Jr.
        FDIC Director, Joseph H. Neely
        FDIC Director, Eugene A. Ludwig
        FDIC Director, Ellen Seidman