Sw Sweeney Memo to U.S. Senate & House Judiciary Committees 1-23-98
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Date:   January 23, 1998

TO:   U. S. House Judiciary Committee
Representatives: Hyde; Sensenbrenner, F. James; McCollum; Gekas; Coble; Smith; Schiff; Gallegly; Canady; Inglis; Goodlatte; Buyer; Bryant; Chabot; Barr; Jenkins; Hutchinson; Pease; Cannon; Conyers; Frank; Schumer; Berman; Boucher; Nadler; Scott; Watt; Lofgren; Lee; Waters; Meehan; Delahunt; Wexler; Rothman.

U. S. Senate Judiciary Committee
Senators: Hatch; Thurmond; Grassley; Specter; Thompson; Kyl; DeWine; Ashcroft; Abraham; Sessions; Leahy; Kennedy; Biden; Kohl; Feinstein; Feingold; Durbin; Torricelli.

From:   John and Rhetta Sweeney



The following Memorandum has gone to Attorney General Janet Reno today. Please, in addition to your Congressional investigation and subsequent hearings -- which will expose the members of the federal judiciary responsible for fraud, work together with the Department of Justice to assist in the necessary criminal prosecutions.

NOTE: Your colleague, Senator Kennedy's connections to the individuals responsible for the alleged criminal acts.
GO TO: http://www.qui-tam.com (click on Cast of Characters)

To: Attorney General Janet Reno
Thank you for your attention to the ongoing threats by the FDIC to use your department to gain our silence.

        We are victims of a crime. This is not an allegation. We suffered a series of unfair and deceptive trade practices by a failed bank, ComFed. On January 30, 1991 the state court entered a 45 page judgment detailing the extent of the violations we suffered. Go To: http://www.qui-tam.com (click on Judgment-$4,000,000.+).

        When the judgment was entered, the law firm of Hanify & King went to the state court and falsely stated they were authorized agents of the Resolution Trust Corporation and took our original court file, including our $4 million judgment. The law firm concealed the existence of the judgment for 26 days until the state judge exposed the wrong doing. Go To: http://www.qui-tam.com (click on Criminal ).

        Since January of 1991, the RTC and FDIC – acting together with the federal judiciary -- have conspired to cover up the existence of the fraud committed by ComFed. Note: ComFed action against the same officers who were called as witnesses at our state trial, whereby ComFed – by way of verified complaint – admitted the fraud scheme. Go To: http://www-qui-tam.com (click on ComFed). This Bank action was subsequently dismissed by the RTC/FDIC.

        What we have here is a fraud – fraud by ComFed against consumers and the taxpayer. When the bank failed, the federal banking agencies clearly conspired to continue the fraud against consumers and the taxpayers. Go To: http://www-qui-tam.com (click on Whistle Blower Civil Action).

        Therefore, we would request that you take immediate action to reinstate the "Whistleblower" action which was before you in 1996 and 1997 by appointing a staff to work with us. The action needs to be amended to include the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and their employees as defendants for their knowing fraud violations against us and all American taxpayers. In addition to the civil action which seeks recovery of money damages suffered by the taxpayer because of the alleged FDIC fraud, we request that criminal proceedings begin against FDIC Chairman Hove, and his employees who have knowingly, maliciously, and intentionally committed the criminal acts.

        I direct you to FBI Special Agent Kent Paulin to verify the known fraud scheme at ComFed. Rhetta Sweeney met with Agent Paulin when he was head of the FBI fraud investigation of ComFed. Affidavit by Rhetta B. Sweeney being submitted separately. We look forward to working with you. GO TO: http://www.qui-tam.com (click on FBI).

Respectfully submitted,

John and Rhetta Sweeney under Siege in Hamilton, Ma
because of wrongful actions by
the Federal Judiciary and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation                         END.