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Date:   November 21, 1997

TO:   U. S. Senate Banking Committee
Senators: D'Amato; Gramm; Shelby; Mack; Faircloth; Bennett; Grams; Allard; Enzi; Hagel; Sarbanes; Dodd; Kerry; Bryan; Boxer; Moseley-Braun; Johnson; Reed

From:   John and Rhetta Sweeney

        Please have this Memorandum serve as a follow-up to our Memo of November 7, 1997 giving you further notice that the abuse we are suffering because of the unlawful acts of the FDIC/RTC – acting together with the Federal Judiciary – remain unresolved.

We are stunned that no action has been taken by members of the U. S. Congress to stop the horrendous crimes even though U. S. House and U. S. Senate committees are fully aware of the situation and have held hearings detailing their knowledge of the wrong doing. GO TO: (click on quotes)

As you celebrate your Thanksgiving holiday – please remember that for many families there cannot be a holiday celebration because of criminal acts by federal agencies.

The U. S. Congress has the jurisdiction and the power to STOP the criminal acts of the federal agencies and their civil servants. When are you going to act?

Respectfully submitted,

The Sweeney family –
under siege in Hamilton, MA