The question has come up "Why is this Federal Judge, Edward Harrington, going to such lengths to protect the lawyer John Hanify of Hanify & King in Boston, Massachusetts and his father Edward Hanify?"

Here are the facts for you to discern:

Federal Judge Edward F. Harrington failed to be recommended for a Massachusetts Superior Court appointment by Governor Dukakis’ Judicial Nominating Council. Subsequently Senator Edward M. Kennedy recommended that he be put up for the Federal Bench. Edward Harrington was well-known to Ted Kennedy at the time of the Chappaquiddick affair and in the years that followed.

Edward Harrington was the law partner of Paul Markham, (1) one of the two individuals at Ted Kennedy’s side the night Mary Jo Kopoechne died, drowning inside the car upside-down underwater beneath the Dyke Bridge on Chappaquiddick Island. Edward Harrington also served under Paul Markham on the Strike Force of the U.S. Attorney’s office in Boston. (2)

Edward B. Hanify is the father of John Hanify. Edward Hanify of Ropes & Gray (4) in Boston was the lead attorney in Ted Kennedy’s extensive defense team (5) as stated in the book Chappaquiddick Revealed, "The Kennedy attorneys were brilliantly led by Edward B. Hanify, a Boston Brahmin if ever there was one. Hanify headed the venerable Boston law firm of Ropes & Gray…." (p105)

Edward Hanify was asked by Ted Kennedy to go to Washington, DC and speak on behalf of Edward Harrington’s nomination before the Senate Judiciary’s confirmation hearings because there were stiff objections to Edward Harrington being confirmed as a Federal Judge by many other prominent attorneys in the Boston legal community. (5) [See link U.S. Senate Judiciary]

John Hanify is the son of Edward Hanify. Both he and his law firm Hanify & King represented ComFed Savings Bank before it failed and was taken over by the FDIC/RTC. John Hanify obstructed the pay back of the Sweeney loan while he was representing the bank and he helped develop the loan documents that ComFed Bank used to defraud the Sweeneys and many others doing business with ComFed. He was the personal Defense Attorney for the same ComFed Bank officers who committed "unfair and deceptive trade practices" against the Sweeneys and who were later charged with racketeering (RICO) by the FDIC/RTC. He and Edward Harrington have both worked together at the same time in the U.S. Attorneys office in Boston during the years 1978-1980. They know each other well.

Stephen Breyer is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. He worked extensively with Ted Kennedy during his time as Chief Counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee in Washington, DC from 1979-1980. He also served as the Chief Justice in the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston where he affirmed the actions of Judge Harrington by changing the facts of the Sweeney case in his written opinion, overlooking the fact that to this day the FDIC has never substituted into the Sweeney action as a party. Ted Kennedy asked President Clinton twice to nominate him to the Supreme Court of the United States.

When John Hanify removed the $4,000,000 state court judgement and hid it in the law offices of Hanify & King for 28 days he was desperate to get the entire case to his friend Judge Edward Harrington. The case was supposed to be "drawn" randomly in Federal Court. However it was conveniently "re-assigned" to Judge Harrington. Judge Harrington then proceeded to call a special hearing, and in less than one hour proceeded to completely ignore all of the work done in State Court over a nine month period, and a three-week trial by the State Court Judge. He then ruled a "summary judgement" in favor of his friend and colleague John Hanify. Judge Harrington "expunged and nullified" the 45-page opinion of State Court Judge Catherine Liacos Izzo. He put everything under seal. No one has seen the original opinion written by Judge Izzo to this day.

An initialed true copy of that opinion was given to the Sweeney’s attorneys by Judge Izzo herself when she learned that the original had been removed from state court. It is that precedent-setting document, the first United States "lender liability" victory against a bank, that is now up on the internet for the world to see. Judge Harrington has at all times known of the fraud that was committed against the Sweeneys by ComFed Bank and its lawyers, one of which was his friend John Hanify. He has chosen, along with the FDIC, to cover up these crucial facts and insist that no 45-page opinion of "unfair and deceptive trade practices" exists or ever happened.

The obvious question that needs to be answered by Judge Harrington, John Hanify, and the FDIC is…"WHY?"

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"At a session at the Boston Law Office of Ropes & Gray, the law firm of Edward B. Hanify, the man who would from now on be Kennedy’s chief attorney, had decided upon the particulars of a common strategy. This could not have been difficult. A battery of the cleverest defense lawyers money could buy had been assembled to face Judge Boyle, and they had been assembled on the same initiative and had the same purposes in mind: to avoid any inquest if possible, to postpone it indefinitely if avoiding it proved impossible; and to keep it hushed behind closed doors when it could no longer be postponed."

(5) Please read excerpts below of Edward Hanify’s comments supporting Edward Harrington and then read those of the people who opposed Judge Harrington and you will get a "chilling" account as to how they predicted Judge Harrington would behave as a Federal Judge and his actions in this case fulfilling those predictions. [Click on Judge Harrington]