Civil Action No. 90-6712

    This is the case that the government has dismissed and put under seal and refuses to answer... why?

    This case cited several of the same bank officers and appraiser, JAMES G. BALDINI, DENNIS FUREY, PETER REILLY, FREDERICK P. MALOOF, and WILLIAM M. PORTER, all who committed the "unfair and deceptive trade practices" against the Sweeneys. The case has been dismissed by the FDIC and the Sweeneys are facing eviction.

    This document is related to multiple defendants 767 K in ComFed. It is available in Word format. If you have Word installed on your machine then just click the link. If you do not have Word installed, right-click the link and choose save as in the dialog box. If you need a Word Viewer, go here: Microsoft Office.

    This document is also available in Adobe Acrobat Format. 203 K Multiple Defendant Hearing

    As the document is converted to HTML it will be posted to this link

    This is an ad that ComFed placed in the Boston Globe on August 5, 1990 in Adobe PDF format.

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