Re: Sweeney Real Estate Taxes and "Thank You"

We are now in day 27 of having not left our property due to the U.S. Federal Marshal threat of eviction. The U.S. Marshals are using orders issued by the FDIC that have been obtained through fraud.

We want to first thank Chief Walter Cullen and his staff for we know the undue burden that this incident places on him, his department, and the town. We are sorry that Federal Authorities and attorneys for the FDIC have taken things to such an extreme.

We also want to thank the many wonderful people of Hamilton-Wenham, our church, and numerous others who have dropped off food and supplies for the many volunteers who have come from out-of-state to be on our property and help protect us.

We do want to address the questions that seems to be of concern to the citizens of Hamilton and those are – have the real-estate taxes on our property been paid? And also -- Why should the town suffer because of any unpaid taxes? Here are the answers:

The property taxes on our property have been paid in full and are completely up to date through 1997. The town has received ALL the monies due them for the entire subdivision plan that the Hamilton Planning Board approved since 1988.

The FDIC and their lawyers came onto our property in November of 1994 during active settlement discussions and held an illegal auction while we were away visiting our daughters during Thanksgiving and has since been paying the property taxes to the town. All of our assets have been frozen in litigation and we have not seen one cent of the $4,000,000 judgment that we won in state court and that the FDIC has been covering up saying that the 45 page State Court Judge’s opinion and $4 million award "does not exist". The bank lawyer originally obstructed our attempts to pay back the loan which was one reason the bank lost the case. However, it is our intention and always has been our intention to pay back our loan and any real estate taxes paid to the town when the judgment is honored.

We trust this letter will clarify any misunderstanding about any taxes due the town and we thank everyone again for their support and appreciate your interest and your prayers.


John and Rhetta Sweeney