DONNA TANOUE, Chairman

    Andrew Hove, Vice Chairman
    Federal Deposit Insurance Deposit Corporation
    550 17th Street NW
    Washington, DC 20429
    202-898-09286 (Fax)

    The FDIC and their lawyers will not admit to any wrongdoing and have refused to acknowledge all of the NEW EVIDENCE in the form of court and legislative documents that we have presented to them. They have seized our home, destroyed our small business and laid waste to our personal possessions.

    FDIC Vice Chairman Andrew Hove for self-dealing reasons has knowingly tried to destroy our lives in an effort to cover-up his direct involvement with a multi-billion dollar ComFed Bank fraud scheme against the Sweeneys and every American taxpayer.

    THE SWEENEY PROPERTY HAS BEEN TRASHED, DESTROYED, MUCH IS MISSING AND THE REMAINDER IS COMPLETELY IN SHAMBLES...At a court ordered viewing it became immediately clear that justice is being obstructed, possible evidence has been tampered with and something is very, very wrong. The FDIC, the U.S. Attorney, the moving company and all the others involved now face serious accountability.

    FDIC SELLS BOTH SWEENEY HOUSES..The Hamilton-Wenham Chronicle reported on June 10, 1998 that the Meyer Lane house with ten acres was sold to Manok Yarian of Westwood, MA for $475,000 and that the Bay Road house with four acres was sold to Christina 0'Shea and Kevin Brophy for $320,000.


    This is a letter from Andrew Hove to us dated: June 30, 1997

    This is our response to him and to the Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin

    Ricki Helfer resigns on May 31, 1997, to spend more time with her family, Andrew Hove once again becomes "Acting Chairman."

    Motion to Substitute Parties filed by NUTTER, MCCLENNEN & FISH for the RTC thirty-two (32) months (2 1/2+ years) AFTER ComFed failed and the illegal removal of our records. This motion admits no substitution has ever taken place because the motion has never been acted upon to this day. Consequently no federal jurisdiction can exist.

    FDIC letter 8-16-96 admitting NO Legal Services Agreement with the law firm of Hanify & King.[Obtained through the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT (FOIA)]. This letter states that some "minor" work may have been done by Hanify & King in 1990 when ComFed Bank failed, yet the next letter below clearly shows Hanify & King worked until 1992 and billing records show they billed the RTC $343,695.01.

    RTC letter of 8-10-92 announcing the entry of Nutter, McClennen & Fish as the new Attorneys replacing Hanify & King.

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    Affidavit of John D. Hanify, Esquire
    Regarding Attorneys Fees

    Meyer Lane Auction

    Bay Road Auction

    Cover page and letter sending in U. S. Marshals.