P. O. BOX 429

June 6, 1997

Mr. Edward Kennedy, U.S. Senator
Room 409, JFK Building
Boston, MA 02203

Dear Senator Kennedy:

The Hamilton Planning Board would like to bring to your attention their
concerns about the case of John and Rhetta Sweeney of 24 Meyer Road in
Hamilton. The government is on the verge of seizing the Sweeneys' property
as repayment for a loan made by the defunct ComFed Savings Bank of Lowell.

The Planning Board voted unanimously at their meeting this week to alert
our senators and Robert Rubin of the U.S. Treasury that they feel the U.S.
Treasury's Inspector General should investigate allegations of fraud
relative to the Sweeney property. The Planning Board is concerned that the
element of fraud clouds the title to this property. The Board believes that
future decisions of the Planning Board regarding this property and the
public interests the boards represents, will be affected until this matter
of fraud is resolved.

We urge you to become involved in helping to resolve the issues surrounding
the Sweeneys' case. Thank you.

Yours truly,

Evelyn Shuman

Evelyn Shuman
Planning Co-ordinator