To all who are concerned. . . . . .we need your help.


  1. Volunteers to do "peace" patrol at both entrances to our property.
    (Call 978-468-1536)
    Please sign up on the volunteer sheet or call for your shift (no time is too little)
  2. List your name with us as a volunteer to be part of a "phone tree" of people who we can call and mobilize on short notice. (Call 978-468-1536)
  3. Immediately call, fax, e-mail and write this NEW SWEENEY SIEGE CONTACT LIST and let them know that you support us and are holding them accountable to stop these actions.
    Please continue to keep the pressure on.
    NOTE: Key Message..WE ARE WATCHING
  4. CONTRIBUTIONS: Please make payable to "Sweeney Defense Fund" at Bank Boston –%John and Rhetta Sweeney 24 Meyer Lane Hamilton, MA 01982; (978-468-1536)
  5. Contributions of food and office supplies. See list below
  6. Volunteers to secretary and paralegal work.
  7. Sponsors for short wave QUI-TAM radio program, twice daily-7 days a week
  8. Sponsor for QUI-TAM Reform work. Call for proposal packet. (978-468-1736)
  9. Sponsor for Rhetta's appearance twice weekly on talk radio-AMERICA'S DRIVING FORCE


  1. coffee – tea
  2. lemonade/ cans of soft drinks/cans of juice
  3. casseroles
  4. canned/boxed food (tuna/chicken/soups/stews, etc.)
  5. bread
  6. milk, mayonnaise, cheese
  7. garden vegetables, fruit
  8. cookies/snacks
  9. pasta
  10. meat/poultry; hamburger, ham,chicken

Office Supplies:
  1. AA +9volt Batteries
  2. 90 min. audio tapes
  3. videotapes
  4. 3.5 in. computer discs;
  5. lap top computers(modem capability) –
  6. 386/486 computers
  7. laser printer or desk jet printer
  8. REDWELLS-legal and regular size folders
  9. light bulbs-Halogen lamp bulb, T-3500 watt double-ended RSC Base
  10. hand held radios
  11. cellular phones
  12. video cameras
  13. paper-8 ½" x 11" printer/copier paper
  14. computer paper-9 ½ x11; track feed.
  15. chalkboard—pens, pencils, and chalk
  16. HP2 Cartridge - Toner for Laser Jet Printer LP Plus 92275A
  17. 3 ring binders, index numbered tab sets 1-50
  18. yellow lined legal/regular pads
  19. fax paper-thermal. 49' rolls 8 ½ x 49 ½" cone
  20. copier cartridges -Canon PC-1