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    Now you can read online the INSIGHT MAGAZINE ARTICLE reported in their "Fair Comment" Section:
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    INSIGHT MAGAZINE, the national magazine publication of the Washington Times in Washington, DC, after months of reviewing and researching the facts, published a two page story about the Sweeneys' fight for their rights.
    PLEASE KNOW HOW MUCH John, Rhetta and all of the family appreciate your prayers and continued support.

    John and Rhetta are continuing their work in Washington D.C. and will hold the necessary people "accountable."


    FDIC Eviction Zone Rhetta Sweeney testified at three (3) U.S. Congressional Hearings exposing known bank fraud. The U.S. Congress told the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) to correct this injustice against the Sweeneys.

    The FDIC continues to ignore Congress.
    The FDIC and their lawyers will not admit to any wrongdoing and have refused to acknowledge all of the NEW EVIDENCE uncovered since the hearings. As a result of the Sweeneys "whistleblower" efforts, the FDIC has seized the Sweeney's home, destroyed their small business, laid waste to their personal possessions, and had John Sweeney arrested without a warrant.

    The FDIC is determined to cover-up a precedent setting $4,000,000.00 Massachusetts State Court Judgment in favor of the Sweeneys which exposed the FDIC's negligence and failure to protect banking customers from bank fraud. The FDIC's arrogance and abuse of power is costing the taxpayer millions. The Sweeneys "on behalf of the people" are standing up and facing down this injustice. We ask for your help and prayers.

    Please click here to read the short SUMMARY of events

    Hundreds of letters have been sent directly to Judge Keeton, the US Attorney, the Probation Officer and even to the President of the United States by concerned citizens on behalf of John Sweeney and his upcoming sentencing to Federal prison.

    SENTENCING DATE: THURSDAY, AUGUST 12, 1999 at 10:00AM in the Federal Courthouse at One Courthouse Way, Boston, MA in Judge Robert E. Keeton's courtroom.
    The US Attorney requested a continuance of the sentencing date and Judge Keeton granted the new date above for the government.

    Rhetta & John Sweeney broadcast again on nationwide radio for over an hour concerning "How the FDIC is Benefiting from Known Banking Fraud". More coming.... Stay Tuned!

    Sentencing date was set for Monday, August 2, 1999 after Judge Keeton declares Sweeney "Guilty" in a 32 page written opinion.

    Sweeney's closing statement quotes Scripture: John 12:38-41
    This was to fulfill the word of Isaiah the prophet:
    "Lord, who has believed our message and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?"
    For this reason they could not believe, because , as Isaiah says elsewhere:
    He has blinded their eyes and deadened their hearts, so they can neither see with their eyes, nor understand with their hearts, nor turn---and I would heal them."
    Isaiah said this because he saw Jesus' glory and spoke about him.


    In direct violation of the Unites States Constitution, John Sweeney was denied his right to a jury trial.
    His lawyer said" In my 25 years of practice in this court I have never had a person denied their right to a Jury Trial".
    The Trial was conducted in only three days. 10 witnesses for the Government only 2 witnesses allowed for Sweeney. One day later a 32 page opinion of GUILT was issued by the Judge.

    Sweeneys file documents in Federal Court to have ALL of their property returned.

    For the latest concerning John Sweeney's trial:
    (see Contempt of Court)


    Judge Keeton will decide by Tuesday, April 20, 1999 whether to allow John Sweeney a "Trial by Jury."
    Much controversy continues to surround the arrest of John Sweeney. Lawyers say that the FDIC and U.S. Marshals acted footloose with the law.

    "IRS Horror Stories".
    The Sweeneys situation concerning the latest FDIC/IRS abuse.
    ( See IRS Horror Stories 2-26-99)

    Senator Tarr has called for a investigation by Janet Reno of the FDIC and their activities against the Sweeneys and many other people in Massachusetts who have come forward with their stories of abuse by the FDIC/RTC and ComFed Bank.
    PLEASE CONTACT SENATOR TARR'S OFFICE at 617-722-1600 or fax 617-722-1310 to voice your support or register your complaint of abuse.
    PLEASE send a email to Senator Tarr at BTarr@senate.state.ma.us to thank him and tell him "We support the Sweeneys and we are watching."

    See "Cato" letter to the Committees of Correspondence... Cato

    BOOKMARK the mirror site address: http://www.nii.net/~slime in case this site goes down!!!

    See: Senate Banking and Judiciary Committee.
    See: House Banking and Judiciary Committee.
    Answers to:
    1. FDIC Cover up of known fraud.
    2. FDIC use of Federal Marshals to silence Sweeneys.
    3. BEHAVIOR of Federal Judge protecting a lawyer colleague.

    "WHISTLEBLOWER" efforts concerning "Cost to the Taxpayers" have been reported by the Sweeneys to both U.S. Senate and U.S. House Regulatory Committees and to the Press.
    Freedom of Information (FOIA) Reports and other documents now reveal new facts and evidence and huge legal fees paid by the FDIC/RTC to three Boston law firms costing the taxpayer millions.
    Incredibly, legal fees have been paid by taxpayer dollars after the Sweeneys were awarded a $4 million judgment in State Court which found that ComFed Bank had committed "unfair and deceptive trade practices" against them.
    The COVER-UP of the Sweeney 45 page judgment and current FDIC abuse is costing the taxpayer millions. Please help our"WHISTLEBLOWER" efforts by contacting your Congressional Representatives and tell them "We support the Sweeneys and we are watching."

    PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN: At the suggestion of many supporters a "Sweeney Support Fund" has been opened up to help with the mounting legal, operational and now living expenses. Mail is being picked up daily and can be sent to:
    Sweeney Support Fund,
    Rhetta & John Sweeney
    PO Box 2191,
    South Hamilton, MA 01982;
    Phone: 978-468-1536.

    "You may take our home, you may take all our possessions, but you will NEVER take our spirit"
    Thank you and God Bless You.
    The Sweeney Family

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