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Date:   February 13, 1998

TO:   Town of Hamilton
Board of Selectmen
                  Peter F. Twining
    Heather M. Ford
    David G. Neill

From:        John and Rhetta Sweeney

Subject:        Chief Walter Cullen/US Marshals
        Please have this memo reiterate our conversation with David Neill about the substantiated information regarding Chief Walter Cullen who is acting together in the Town of Hamilton with U. S. Marshals in our neighborhood.

        Chief Cullen is acting without authority and creating potential substantial liability for the Town of Hamilton.

        Friends and neighbors have notified us that they are being approached by Chief Cullen, members of his department, and U. S. Marshals asking various questions and seeking information as they engage in spying against the Sweeney property. We have been informed that requests have been made by Chief Cullen and the U. S. Marshals to place surveillance equipment in homes.
        We would appreciate the Board of Selectmen requesting immediate suspension of Chief Cullen's duties with the Hamilton Police Department until you have investigated the matter.

        The federal court has issued orders without jurisdiction, making any order (if there is one) held by the U. S. Marshals invalid. In support of this statement we attach correspondence by our attorney to Attorney General Reno and U. S. Marshal, Nancy McGillivray submitted this week.

        The Sweeneys have been notified that the U. S. Marshals are going to attempt to physically remove them from their property during the February school vacation with the help of the Hamilton Police department. The school vacation starts today, February 13-23, 1998.

        For your convenience we are attaching a contact list. In addition we are supplying an audio tape of a conversation with Chief Cullen this week and the Boston Globe article. Note his statement on Tuesday to us that he knew nothing about the above described facts and the Boston Globe article the following day, stating that "they have been around."

Please communicate with Senator Bruce Tarr and Bishop Mark Dyer, members of the Sweeney mediation team. FDIC Chairman Andrew Hove must be told the federal authorities have no standing in the Town of Hamilton and any further activity in this town could result in serious charges and liabilities.

        Thank you for your consideration.

        John & Rhetta Sweeney

cc :         Senator Bruce Tarr
        Bishop Mark Dyer
        FDIC Director Ludwig