Letter to the Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin

24 Meyer Lane
Hamilton, MA 01982
508-468-4428 (fax)
E-MAIL: jsweeney@star.net
INTERNET: http://www.qui-tam.com

By Fax

Certified Mail
P340 072 070

Secretary Robert Rubin
U. S. Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20220


Dear Secretary Rubin:

After a month of false representations by the FDIC that they were interested in resolving a ten years dispute by means of peaceful settlement talks, the FDIC, in fact, have made no effort to work with us in good faith. Therefore, I submit the following written proposal to you because the FDIC is under your jurisdiction.

Point One
On January 30, 1991, a Massachusetts Court entered a $4 million dollar judgment in our favor because of "unfair and deceptive trade practices" committed against us by ComFed Savings Bank, ComFed Mortgage Company, Inc., ComFed Advisory Company, Inc. and Dennis Furey. The damages for the judgment must be paid. We request on behalf of the taxpayers -- that the monies be paid out of the assets of ComFed Mortgage Company, Inc. the non-federally insured subsidiary which operated under state law. Go To: http://www.qui-tam.com (click on Judgment $4,000,000)

Point Two
On August 27, 1987, we entered a Commercial Loan Agreement with ComFed Savings Bank in the amount of $1.6 million dollars. We agree to pay back the federally insured dollars borrowed by us.

Secretary Rubin
July 3, 1997
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Point Three
On November 29, 1994, the RTC held an illegal auction of our properties at 776 Bay Road and 24 Meyer Lane, Hamilton, MA. As a result of that illegal auction, the RTC has paid our property taxes. We agree to reimburse the FDIC for all property taxes paid on our properties.

Point Four
On December 31, 1995, I filed a whistleblower action against the Resolution Trust Corporation for claims suffered by all taxpayers. I agree to work with the Department of Justice and the U. S. Treasury in an effort to recover the multi-billion dollar loss suffered by all taxpayers because of the known fraud committed by the individuals who ran ComFed as a criminal enterprise. Go To: http://www.qui-tam.com (click on Whistle Blower Civil Action; and click on ComFed)

Point Five
The money owed me under the qui-tam statute will be placed in a tax free foundation for the purpose of programs related to hunger.

Point Six
I agree to work with the Department of Justice assisting in the necessary criminal prosecutions against ComFed and government individuals who have knowingly committed fraud against me and all taxpayers.

Point Seven
I agree to work with the U. S. Congress assisting in the necessary hearings and impeachment of judges who have knowingly committed fraud against me and all taxpayers. Go To: http://www.qui-tam.com (click on U. S. Senate and U. S. House)

Respectfully submitted,

Rhetta B. Sweeney

P. S. The FDIC have refused to withdraw the U. S. Marshal order issued against us on June 2, 1997. Please contact the Marshal service and remove the order immediately. Your colleague, Secretary Cohen can detail for you the known fraud committed against us. Go To: http://www.qui-tam.com (click on Quotes)

cc: Ms. Nancy J. McGillivray, U. S. Marshal Service 617-223-9726 (fax)
Chief Walter Cullen, Hamilton Police
Sheriff Frank G. Cousins, Jr.
Representative Tierney