Dear Heavenly Father:
        We thank you for the provision and protection that you have handed down upon the Sweeney family these past 200 days! We all have become very aware of our own insufficiency and inability to meet the crisis before us by ourselves, so we come to you for guidance and direction in these times.
        We give you glory and honor which is rightfully yours for all that you have done--for wisdom and for courage, for provision and for encouragement.
        We praise you for providentially bringing us together, all from diverse backgrounds, yet with the common goal of returning the great Republic to the place where it was grounded--the recognition of your sovereignty and righteousness.
        Lord, we have now come again to an uncertain time, where we acknowledge that we do not know the way ourselves, so we in faith and dependency have come to you for direction. We humbly and obediently ask for your wisdom, and promise our devotion to you our Saviour and friend. We do not know the future, but we do have a respect and reverence for you who holds the future in your hands. So Father with that in view, we ask for your will to be done, whatever that may be, and Lord we beg for the grace to accept that will when it reveals itself in our lives.
        Here and now, we acknowledge you, dear God--and with pure hands and heart request that if it is in your good pleasure, that you would grant victory and success. We promise that our faith and conviction in your righteous character will continue with assurance, no matter what you bring our way.
        We praise you for who you are, and for what you have done and will do for us. We proclaim our need for your blessing to shine upon us, so that is what we request. We admit our need, and now rely upon you. We ask for all of these things in the Saviour's Name.