We now know that one person alone is not enough to hold Congress accountable in doing the important work of the people.
            Are you a small business who may be doing well today but know this could happen to you tomorrow and are willing to help now?
            Are you an organization who can keep your group informed about our effort on a regular basis in your newsletter or other communications?
            Are you a media outlet who will agree to regularly report pieces about our work to your listeners, readers or viewers?
            Are you an individual determined to help hold Government Agencies and Bureaucrats accountable for their actions?
    If so...Please become a "Sponsor."

    We have hired a professional firm to help us.

    The firm of HALSEY, RAINS & ASSOCIATES,L.L.C. a professional consulting firm specializing in effective government relations, lobbying, and advocacy, has been retained to represent the Sweeneys before the United States Congress and the Federal Agencies of the Executive Branch regarding FDIC foreclosure practices in general and the events surrounding and resulting from the Sweeney loan obtained from ComFed Bank. This effort will address the cover-up of a $4,000,000.00 state court award to the Sweeneys; destruction of small business; destruction of home, property and personal possessions; FDIC cost to the taxpayer; FDIC lies to Congress; FDIC lies to the Courts and FDIC lies to the IRS.
    Sponsors need to please contact:
    LAURIE RAINS, Principal
    Halsey, Rains & Associates, L.L.C.
    2111 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 800
    Arlington, VA 22201
    Phone: 703-351-5077
    Fax: 703-351-5827
    e-mail: hra7@erols.com