To all who are concerned. . . . . .we need your help.

We are the victims of a crime committed by a FDIC lawyer who stole our $4,000,000.00 Massachusetts State Court Judgement. As a result of his actions we have had our home, our small business, and all of our personal possessions taken from us.


We have lived in Hamilton since 1965 and our family before that for several generations. Consider the following: Go To: (click family history and photos.)

  1. In August of 1987 we entered into commercial loan agreements with the ComFed Savings Bank of Lowell, Massachusetts to finance the development of our home and 14 acres of land. When the bank violated their own rules, state laws, federal regulations, and the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act, we filed claims against the bank for “unfair and deceptive trade practices.” We WON the case.

  2. We WON a $4 million dollar state court judgment against the Massachusetts bank and it’s subsidiaries because it committed ”Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices” against us. The 45 page state court judgment paid back our loan in full and awarded us further damages because of the harm we had suffered from the bank’s unfair business practices. Incredibly, the FDIC lawyer, John Hanify of Hanify & King secretly removed this judgment from the state court and concealed it in his own law office for 28 days, never notifying our lawyers that we had won the case.
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  3. It is now known from verified court documents that the bank admitted ComFed had been run as a criminal enterprise by bank officers, directors, accountants, lawyers, and appraisers costing the taxpayers a three (3) billion dollar loss. NOTE: ComFed was also represented by the same John Hanify of Hanify & King who the FDIC hired to represent them in a “clear conflict of interest” which we have reported to both Congress and the FBI.
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    Senator William Cohen- currently Secretary of Defense)

    We have in good faith taken on the role of “whistleblowers” with the U. S. Congress, exposing our personal knowledge of the multi-billion dollar fraud ring. As a result, individuals acting as government agents -- some whom have been directly involved with the wrong doing against us – are now brutally punishing us covering up their own wrong doing.
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  4. FDIC/RTC (Resolution Trust Corporation) lawyers have spent an excess of $1 million dollars of taxpayer money over the last eight years attempting to conceal our state court judgment and have seized our property. The federal banking agencies, who were supposed to regulate the bank and protect us as consumers, have at all times known of the fraud we suffered from the actions of the individuals who ran the bank as a criminal enterprise.
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  5. Rhetta Sweeney has testified and documented for THREE (3) U. S. CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEES – ( U. S. Senate Oversight -- U. S. Senate Banking -- U. S. House Small Business) -- the fraud and abuse committed by the bank and the subsequent cover up by the federal banking agencies. After three Congressional Committees investigated and held public hearings, the Congressional record is clear that the we suffered from the wrong doing of both the bank and the federal banking agencies. Although members of Congress have requested that agencies correct the wrong doing suffered by us, the federal bureaucrat, FDIC Vice Chairman Andrew Hove has refused and stonewalled.
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  6. Recent FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) has now detailed that the bank lawyer who had secretly removed and concealed our state court judgment, acted without authority and never had the required Legal Service Agreement with the FDIC. There is also further evidence that the U. S. FEDERAL JUDGE in Boston, MA who has aided and abetted the government lawyer’s cover up of our state court judgment for “Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices,” is personally connected with the bank lawyer. The federal judge refused to remove himself from our action despite his direct insider connection with the FDIC lawyer and his family. The Federal Judge, Edward F. Harrington, issued orders authorizing U.S. Marshal action to physically remove us from our home. NOTE: This judge took upon himself to supersede state court law and for the first time wrote his own rules in an unprecedented eviction action in federal court. WHY?
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  7. When ComFed Bank failed, the U. S. Federal Banking agencies and the U. S. Federal Courts, COVERED UP and DISMISSED the bank’s own racketeering action against directors, officers, accountants, lawyers, and appraisers who ran the bank as a criminal enterprise---- THE SAME BANK OFFICERS WHO THE STATE COURT JUDGE HAD FOUND COMMITTED “UNFAIR AND DECEPTIVE TRADE PRACTICES AGAINST US.” Judge Skinner dismissed the bank’s action in federal court, Judge Harrington has expunged and kept our original state court judgment under seal, and the federal agencies will give no explanation as to why.
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The FDIC and their lawyers will not admit to any wrongdoing and have refused to acknowledge all of the NEW EVIDENCE in the form of court and legislative documents that we have presented to them. They have seized our home, destroyed our small business and laid waste to our personal possessions. We have no choice but to stand up and face down this injustice and hold them accountable.

FDIC Vice Chairman Andrew Hove for self-dealing reasons has knowingly tried to destroy our lives in an effort to cover-up his direct involvement with a multi-billion dollar ComFed Bank fraud scheme against the Sweeneys and every American taxpayer.

We ask for your help and prayers.

John & Rhetta Sweeney
PO Box 2191
Hamilton, MA 01982