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July 11, 1997

Mr. Andrew Hove
Acting Chairman
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
550 Seventeenth Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20429

Dear Mr. Hove,
        Yesterday I, along with State Senator Robert Hedlund and State Representative Forrester Clark, met once again with John, Rhetta and Faith Sweeney of Hamilton regarding their ongoing dispute with the FDIC. You may recall my prior correspondence indicating my willingness to assist you in this matter and seeking your guidance.

        Presently, my understanding is that you intend to pursue an eviction against the Sweeney's in the near future. I am writing once again to seek your reconsideration of this unnecessary action and to recommend the more productive path of working together towards negotiations aimed at resolving all outstanding issues in this matter.
        I am of the understanding that you have indicated in the past your belief that negotiations between the parties could well lead to a mutually agreeable resolution which terminates the present situation. Yesterday, the Sweeney's voiced a similar belief, thus delineating appropriate conditions for us to move forward.
        In doing so, two conditions appear necessary. The first, in order to maintain good faith and allow the Sweeney's to fully participate in negotiations, is the establishment of a conduct order, stay of eviction, or similar vehicle to prevent eviction proceedings for a sufficient period of time (i.e. 30, 60 or 90 days) For negotiations to be completed.

        The second is the creation of a mutually adopted set of rules by which negotiations can begin and be subsequently governed.

        Senator Hedlund, Representative Clark and I must stress our firm belief that negotiations are the most appropriate course of action at this time. Accordingly, we are prepared to meet with you at any time to discuss expediting this process, either in Massachusetts or Washington.

        Standing prepared to assist in any way to facilitate mutually agreeable negotiations and an expeditious resolution to this situation, we await your response.


Bruce Tarr

Senator Edward Kennedy
Senator John Kerry
Congressman John Tierney
Governor William Weld
U.S. Marshals Service
Boston Globe
Boston Herald
John and Rhetta Sweeney
Massachusetts Grand and General Court
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